The Plan of the Silence

Fantasy novel by Konstancia and Sithamet
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The Plan of the Silence
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What is The Plan of the Silence about?

"The Plan of the Silence" is a science fantasy thriller by Konstancia and Sithamet. Successful business coach Freya is unexpectedly thrust into the world of the Illuminati. Armed only with her background in coaching and productivity tips—will Freya overcome an ancient AI and the Gather Corporation of world-scavengers?

Genres: Science Fiction, Thriller, Fantasy, Romance, Conspiracy, Satire

Release date: 2023

PROLOGUE. Chapter 1 public

PROLOGUE. Chapter 1

"If the State hadn't created the Narrative, you wouldn't have had the attention of even ten people, Freya," Mister K. said with a sour smile. "You aren't naive enough to believe we'd let you get the attention of millions just like that, are you?"
17 min read
Chapter 2 Free

Chapter 2

And suddenly, genetic memory awakened in Freya as she realized crystal-clear. She heard claws. Long, thick, deadly claws. "I didn't take a knife," thought Freya, "what a fool I am." "Stop!" she yelled, "I have a knife!"
14 min read
Chapter 3 Free

Chapter 3

If even at the times of woe, when a bright laser shone through the window at the horizon, the Cutter had ordered himself tea with lemon, then she must drink it—no matter how much it burned her lips and tongue.
18 min read
Chapter 4 Supporters

Chapter 4

And though her Apple Watch had run out of juice a couple of hours earlier, she stripped it off and threw it into the bin. If it had been functioning, it would have revealed her elevated pulse and stress levels—one does not live with such.
16 min read
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Why must you read The Plan of the Silence?

The challenge possessed us—to craft a deep story, accessible to everyone. Write a book with a breath-catching plot and easy style—with a rabbit hole beneath the surface. To make the flame of drama burn on a well-researched scientific basis.

Finally, we did it.

This is the introductory story to our book series. The Plan of the Silence is a story about Freya, the Illuminati, and the Gather Corporation that scraps the dead worlds.

We hate spoilers, so just take a look at the concept art created from random excerpts from the book.

How can I read The Plan?

The book is ready, and we are adapting it for English-speaking audience. It's looking good, and we are almost done.

You can get early access to the first 16 chapters of The Plan of Science.

We are posting new often.

And thanks to this story, we've learned a lot: from personal productivity and product management, to programming and AI theory. Check out the posts about the book below.

1. When is the release date?

We are working on the adaptation and editing of the book in English. As soon as it’s released, those on waitlist will be notified, and Psychothrone followers will receive their special discount.

2. Why are Psychothrone subscribers have only 16 out of 33 chapters in early access?

For proper copyright rituals to be done, a “normal” publication is needed: with ISBN, printed copies, and so on. And The Plan is too good for us to self-publish and self-promote all the way.

After the release, the subscribers will receive a complete ebook version for free, or a print copy with a huge discount, or both.

3. How to get early access chapters in English?

Become one of our subscribers and get a key to Psychothrone, where you can read The Plan online or download a version for your e-reader. Plus, get early access to exclusive content.

4. Why don't you just publish in Russian if the book is already done?

Unfortunately, the Russian language has become a symbol of the Russian state. Therefore, publishing in Russian first would have meant supporting Russia in a narrative war. We, however, wish for its swift demise.

But it would be too much for us to surrender an entire Russian language and millions of readers to butchers and thieves.

We witnessed the Russian invasion of Ukraine, consistently oppose imperialism and stand for the ultimate elimination of Russian invaders. (link when available) That is why the Russian language should be taken as a trophy rather than surrendered to mentally-challenged bandits.

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