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Creating our one-of-its-kind fantasy requires research, focus and dedication; and more importantly — time. Promoting out work, however, also requires time and effort. We hate it. But we love creating and solving problems.

Having your support, we won't need to sell and push. We would be able focus on truly meaningful projects, and work on tools that improve lives.

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1. When is the release date of The Plan?

We are working on the adaptation and editing of the book in English. As soon as it’s released, those on waitlist will be notified, and Psychothrone followers will receive their special discount.

2. How to get access to the chapters in English?

Become one of our subscribers and get a pass to Psychothrone, where you can read The Plan of the Silence online.

3. Do you refund?

We offer no refunds for already-paid subscription periods. Once you get access to Psychothrone, we have no control of what do you do with exclusive content.

You can cancel your subscription anytime in your account, though. It will prevent the renewal of your subscription.

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